C   CREATIVE, full of creative new ideas
H   HELPFUL, an excellent character
L    LEADER, a quite achiever
O   OUTSTANDING, winner all the time
E    ENTHUSIASTIC, ever encouraging.

CHLOE, a very special girl

Name Information:
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: A tender green shoot
  • Variation: Clo, Cloe
Chloe was the name given to Demeter, the Greek goddess of the earth, in the summer when she made the earth green and fruitful. It corresponds to the English name Blossom.  

Chloe was used in classical Greece and Rome and a pastoral poem Daphnis and Chloe ensured its popularity in the Middle Ages.  In the 17th century and 18th centuries its meaning and classical allusions made it a popular literary name.  

Although originally pagan name, it was also, used in the 17th century Puritans because the name Chloe was mentioned in St Paul's first Epistle to the Corinthians. 

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  1. Cool XD My name's Chloe and after reading this, I honestly felt happy.